My 5 go-to apps

Hey there. Welcome to day 3 of my Blogboss challenge. What 5 apps absolutely HAVE TO be on my phone?


For the most part, Lister is our digital grocery list. I love that this app is very customisable to your needs. Lists can be arranged by stores and your stores by aisles. There are options to add notes, prices, units, weights, bar codes, pretty much anything you need. You can even share lists across devices, so your better half isn’t always yelling “Please add coffee!” at you. Its one downfall, is that existing lists can’t just be dumped into group lists, formatting and all. So set up your group list first!

Book Catalogue

Book Catalogue is an amazing app for keeping track of your personal library. I’ve tried a few different apps for this and keep coming back to this one. Features include “Shelves”, thumbnails, excerpts, etc. You can scan in a book’s bar code and the app searches through a few databases for the required info. If the book is not in the database, you can add it manually. You can also add older books by typing in the ISBN and adding manually from there.

As cons go, I don’t think I’ve seen an update in quite a while and the backup never seems to save to my SD card. I have yet to figure out how to back this list up effectively. I recently had to start over, as I lost my previous attempt when I had to do a factory reset. It does, however, export to CSV.

Capitec Masterpass

I believe other banks have these, too. I love the regular banking app, as well, but this thing does make certain aspects of life easier. For one, I don’t have to download multiple app to my phone for doing QR payments. For another, I can pay invoices directly from my phone by opening them in the app. No loading beneficiaries, no sharing card info. Just scan and pay. Easy peasy lemon squeazy.


Until I started my current job, I had never heard of Trello. Now I am integrating it into our family life, as well. Trello is a great way to keep track of tasks, files, information, procedures and the like. And the fact I can have it on my phone and share boards with the appropriate people just makes it so much better. Now, if only my husband would get into it properly

Convert Pad

This is such a nifty little app. It does conversions for almost any unit type you can think of. As you can see above, I mainly use it for currency these days (you just update for the latest exchange rate), but I originally used it for weight, volume and length conversions. You can bookmark your favourite searches and your preferred unit types.

Please note that I use an Android device and all these apps are available on the Google Play Store. I have no idea which are available on the iStore, I’m afraid.

Also a little disclaimer: If my favourite mobile games aren’t on my phone, I become quite cranky.

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  1. Celeste says:

    I read Lister and almost stopped reading the whole post. I’m sold. I need that in my life. Glad I continued reading beacuse I definitely need Capitec Masterpass and Convert Pad as well.

    Thank you for an informative post.

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