Our favourite books – Miles Kelly

Is there any greater gift than books? We don’t think so.

We have invested in a ridiculous number of books since becoming parents. Even more so than before. One of our favourite series, is the educational range by Miles Kelly Publishing. They have an amazing series of mini encyclopaedias, fact books and question and answer volumes.

Our collection started out with the Takealot Blue Dot Sale one year. We bought three books from their 1000+ Facts series. They soon replaced fairy tales as our standard bedtime reading and we loved learning together as a family. So imagine my joy at learning that Bargain Books has a print agreement with the publishing house, resulting in more affordable copies of these incredible books.

I just can’t help myself, I scour Bargain Books for titles we don’t yet own whenever I can. The other great thing about the Bargain Books deal? They also have the books available in Afrikaans.

Our favourites so far, have been Encyclopaedia of SharksEncyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life and Fantastic Animal Facts. The books are all beautifully illustrated and broken into bite-sized pieces of information, which are easy to take in. What’s more, we’ll be revisiting all these books again and again for years to come as interests change, school requires or curiosity dictates. Storm regularly drags one over to read and there is always one in her travel bag or Trunki. She’s also become quite adept at correct    ing us on the facts she’s learned.

Miles Kelly also publishes anthologies of themed children’s stories that can be found at Bargain Books, too.

The Miles Kelly books retail at Bargain Books for between R99 and R199

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