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I read quite a bit, or I used to read quite a bit, but I can’t say that any one book has changed my life or stands out far above the others. So I will chat about some I tend to return to or that have stayed with me.

John Connolly – Charlie Parker Series

This fictional series follows the exploits of a troubled (aren’t they all) private detective and his eclectic friends and associates. It is a wonderful mix of suspense, supernatural, psychological drama and good old violence. The protagonist is oddly relatable (well, to me) and his associates remind us all that no person is just good or bad.

Andrzej Sapkowski – The Witcher Series

Amusingly, I am not a fan of the Fantasy genre, but I fell in love with the RPG based on this series when my husband first played it. Finding the books was a treat and I have enjoyed them a great deal. The series of short stories follows the exploits of a mutated monster hunter in a world at war. Using twists on popular fairy tales like Snow White and Beauty & The Beast, The Witcher addresses serious social issues like racism, prejudice and political corruption. And again discusses the duality of the human spirit.

Sergei Lukyanenko – Night Watch Trilogy

Another Fantasy series for the girl who only reads mysteries and thrillers… This Russian series follows “The Others” – humans who can enter “the twilight and harness its powers. As with all humans, there is the good side and the bad side, but telling the difference is not as clear cut as one might think. There is a great deal of intrigue and politics, on top of the typical human struggles and the joys of bureaucracy.

A common thread

I’ve never thought on this before, but there is definitely a common thread here. I am clearly attracted to books that address the duality of human nature. The yin and yang of it all. And a lot of “The road to Hell” sort of vibes. If you’re looking for some good fiction with a solid dose of social commentary, I sincerely recommend the latter two series. If you like good old violent fiction and a touch of spookiness, get to know Charlie Parker.

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