It’s the little things – Original post 9 March 2015

So often you see the poster or picture that says “Life is made of moments” or “It’s the small things that make it worth while”. And a part of you knows that’s true, but mostly, you just keep scrolling and don’t take note of what that means.
So I want to take a moment to reflect on the little things that make it worth opening my eyes in the morning.
The five minutes between my alarm going off and my actually getting up when both my husband and I are still sleepy and he lets me wriggle into his arms and just lie there snug and safe.
My cats running to greet me when I get home, each with their own brand of affection.
The look on my dog’s face when she realises I’m home. Even though hubby works from home and has been there all day, she is so excited to see her human and I feel so wanted.
When my husband casually makes air kisses at me while he’s playing games and I’m vegging on the couch. He’s totally engrossed in fighting some enemy or other, but he still remembers to remind me that he loves me.
Falling asleep on the couch to the sounds of whatever game is being played this month (Diablo III and Fallout New Vegas, for the record)
The way McGyver prowls the bedroom until I settle for the night, so he can crawl onto my chest and fall asleep purring, warm and content.
That smile. That boyish smile of complete indulgence and enjoyment. The one he smiles when the cats do something silly and endearing or when he is up to absolutely no good.
When he sometimes looks at me and those ice blue eyes go soft and he says something like “I love your smile”.
Being able to be completely inappropriate around my friends.
Sitting on the front step with the cats and the dog around, all co-existing peacefully.
Being able, everyday, to touch the ones I love most, whether that means kissing my husband, holding my cats or stroking my dog. Everyday, I get to reach out my hand and touch them, and that is awesome.
There’s obviously more, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

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