Why I write

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My second entry on the Blogboss 30 day challenge.

This is such a loaded question for me. The very first time I created a blog, it was as an alternate persona escape. I was unhappy and needed to pretend I was someone else. Someone who had achieved the things I dreamed of. Someone who was free.

The next time I created a blog, it was as an outlet for my fears and my anger. It was an anonymous rant-room. Sometimes I look at it and marvel at the anger, uncertainty and hurt. I’m still an angry person, I work at it, but I’m no longer quite so keen to spew it into the world.

Mutants and Mayhem is my 3rd blog. At first, I thought it would be a monetised self-help/informational guide blog. Then I thought I might turn Mommy Blogger. And THEN I realised that sometimes I just have stuff to say and I don’t particularly like being so confined. I want to talk science and I want to talk pet care and I want to talk mental health and I want to talk equality and equity. I don’t know what that makes me.

So, in the end, why I started this blog, has jack to do with why I write. And for me, that is just right.

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